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Retirement Planning

Hobart Financial Planning will help you maximise your superannuation balance so you can live the life you want in retirement. Whether you’re fully retired, transitioning to retirement or looking at your retirement options for the future, we’ll help you get the most out of your retirement planning.

Retirement used to be cut and dry — you either worked or you retired.

However, changes to the superannuation laws in 2005 have opened up many new opportunities for people over 55. These changes can affect your lifestyle now, and down the track.

Two options available under the new laws are transition to retirement pensions and account-based pensions.

Transition to retirement pensions

Many people of retirement age are choosing to continue working, either full time or part time. Transition to retirement pensions mean that you can keep working but arrange your finances so that more money goes into your pocket and less goes to the tax office.

In fact, starting a transition to retirement pension and reducing your working hours could provide you with the same after-tax income as working full-time — depending on your circumstances. Contact Hobart Financial Planning to discuss how a transition to retirement pension could benefit you.

Account-based Pensions

Nowadays, instead of cashing out your super in retirement, you can set up an account-based pension that gives you a tax-effective or tax-free income, plus tax-free earnings on your capital. Contact Hobart Financial Planning to learn more about this retirement strategy.


Centrelink payments may also form part of your retirement planning. Please visit our section on Centrelink advice for more information about our services in this area.